Kink Resistant Brewery Hose

BrewSavor’s wire reinforced, butyl-lined hose is less prone to kinking and then blocking the fluid flow when you bend it too far.

  • Multi-layered and reinforced with a helical steel wire for kink resistance
  • Ultra smooth, white, chlorobutyl rubber liner provides high purity for transferring your beer and minimizes entrapment and blockage concerns
  • Microbe resistant liner is built on stainless steel mandrels for cleanliness and imparts no taste or odor
  • Works well in non-oily beverage and food applications, including potable water, beer, wine and juices
  • Meets FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (file: N267) standards
  • Assembled and ready to ship in 10’ and 20’ lengths (non-stock lengths upon request)
  • 316 stainless steel Tri-Clamp® fittings engineered specifically for butyl hose
  • Made in the USA


Handles clean-in-place (CIP) methods to 248°F. This hose is not intended for continuous steam service.


Liner: White FDA butyl rubber
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polyester with helix wire
Wire: Steel helix
Outer Cover: Green EPDM rubber

Fitting Styles Available

Hinge Clamps
All recommended fittings, collars, hinge clamps and accessories are made from 300 series stainless steel.

Physical Properties**

Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°F
Maximum Operating Temperature: 240°F
Working Pressure at 70°F: 150 psi
Maximum Burst Pressure at 70°F: 600 psi
Vacuum Rating: 29.9 in/Hg. (full)

**Values listed are typical for the material used in manufacture, except where noted, and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.


Part Number Part Number: Part Number I.D. (IN) I.D. (IN): I.D. (IN) O.D. (IN) O.D. (IN): O.D. (IN) Available Lengths Available Lengths: Available Lengths Bend Radius (IN.) Bend Radius (IN.): Bend Radius (IN.) Weight (lbs./foot) Weight (lbs./foot): Weight (lbs./foot)
4511000 Part Number: 4511000 1 I.D. (IN): 1 1.54 O.D. (IN): 1.54 10, 20 Available Lengths: 10, 20 5 Bend Radius (IN.): 5 0.50 Weight (lbs./foot): 0.50
4511500 Part Number: 4511500 1.5 I.D. (IN): 1.5 2.05 O.D. (IN): 2.05 10, 20 Available Lengths: 10, 20 6 Bend Radius (IN.): 6 0.95 Weight (lbs./foot): 0.95
4512000 Part Number: 4512000 2 I.D. (IN): 2 2.55 O.D. (IN): 2.55 10, 20 Available Lengths: 10, 20 8 Bend Radius (IN.): 8 1.18 Weight (lbs./foot): 1.18