Proper Brew Hose Storage

Our Crush Resistant and Kink Resistant Brewery Hoses are designed to hold up in the toughest brewery scenarios. But proper care still needs to be taken when storing your hoses to maximize their useful life without the risk of a preventable hose failure. Hoses in storage can be negatively affected by temperatures, humidity, ozone, sunlight, oils, solvents and corrosive liquids, to name a few. The following information provides a basic overview of how to store your brew hoses to ensure they will be safe to use when put into operation.

Temperature & Humidity

The ideal temperature for storing your brew hoses ranges from 50° – 70° F, with a maximum limit of 100° F for short periods. If stored below 32° F, the hose may become stiff and will require warming before bending or being put in service. Hoses should not be stored near sources of heat, such as radiators or heaters, nor should they be stored under conditions of high or low humidity. The recommended humidity range is between 30% to 60%.


Exposure to direct or reflected sunlight, even through windows, should be avoided. Uncovered hose should not be stored under florescent or mercury lamps which generate light waves harmful to hose. Protection from such lighting should be provided.

To obtain best results, storage areas must be cool, dark, and free of dampness and mildew.


Make sure hoses are rinsed and drained before they’re returned to storage, especially if they carried any chemicals or other substances that could deteriorate the liner. To do so, hang hoses vertically for a brief period of time to drain before being returned to storage.

Other Storage Tips

Never store a hose assembly horizontally in a way where the weight of the fittings is unsupported and they hang freely. Over time, the weight can weaken the assembly at the hose crimps.

Hoses should be used on a first in, first out basis.

These hose storage tips are only meant to be used as a guide. If you have any questions, reach out to someone from our Brew Crew.  We’re here to help!

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