COVID-19 Updates


Much of the floor space at our expansion facility is filled with supplies like steel wall studs, drywall, electrical conduit, and boxes of fasteners, as well as high reach trucks that are needed for work at ceiling level. It’s all in preparation for clean rooms that will house silicone and TPE extrusion equipment and allow us to make more of this tubing used in vaccine development and production.

Valley Road construction

More wall studs have been erected as we prep for drywall installation.

Valley Road construction

Electricians have been busy running electrical wire and conduit from its supply source to the mezzanine. From there, electricity will be supplied to the clean rooms and other areas of the building.

Valley Road construction

Warehouse space for raw material and finished product storage will have new lighting, a refurbished ceiling, refinished floors, and a thorough paint job.

Valley Road construction

Valley Road construction

Much of the extrusion equipment that will be installed in the clean rooms was ordered months ago and is ready and waiting at our Southampton, PA, headquarters. This means that when the building renovations are completed and the new spaces are validated, we’ll be ready and able to make additional silicone and TPE tubing quickly.

If you have questions about our renovation plans, our staff is available. Call us at 215-526-2300 or contact us by e-mail at



Pennsylvania, where NewAge Industries is located, had tiered COVID-19 vaccination eligibility guidelines, so while many of our team members were busy making tubing and Single-Use molded assemblies for vaccine development and production, they themselves were not yet eligible to receive the vaccine. Thankfully that changed, and all team members were eligible for and offered the COVID-19 vaccine.

team members get vaccinated while at work

More than half of the company’s employee-owners took advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated while at work. Most other team members received shots on their own through vaccination programs at county-run sites, pharmacies, or other healthcare organizations.

Valley Road construction workers get vaccinated while at work

Valley Road construction workers get vaccinated while at work

Workers who are busy renovating our expansion facility had also been waiting for their turns at getting shots. NewAge made arrangements with Horsham Square Pharmacy, the same pharmacy that vaccinated team members at our Southampton headquarters, to visit our additional building and offer the COVID-19 vaccine to the folks there. These people are working hard to get the facility up and running as quickly as possible, which will allow us to manufacture more silicone and TPE tubing.

Being vaccinated helps ensure that we can continue to make the vital tubing that’s being used to make more doses available.



As walls for new clean rooms begin to go up, other walls had sections removed. When completed, the clean rooms will house extrusion equipment for manufacturing AdvantaSil® silicone tubing and AdvantaFlex® thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing, both used in the development and production of COVID-19 vaccines.

Substantial progress has also been made for the air handling and chiller systems.

Valley Road construction

Steel wall studs are being put into place beneath the mezzanine, where the new clean rooms will be housed. Steel is used for framing instead of wood for several reasons. It’s stronger, will not warp, does not attract insects, emits no VOCs, and will not rot.

Valley Road construction

Additional docks for receiving raw material orders and shipping finished products are being installed. Sections of an existing wall had to first be removed, and existing flooring had to be excavated for new dock plates.

Valley Road construction

Ducts for moving the large amount of air exchanges necessary in a clean room are being moved into position and connected to each other.

Valley Road construction

Outside, preparations for the placement of chilling systems were completed, and the large chillers were set in place by crane. Exterior walls received a fresh coat of crisp, white paint.

As we move ahead, ceilings, walls and floors will be installed within the clean room areas, along with electrical outlets and lighting, plumbing, and ventilation.

If you have questions about our renovation plans, our staff is available. Call us at 215-526-2151 or contact us by e-mail at



Work continues at a rapid pace at our Warrington, PA, facility. Contractors are installing utility lines and equipment involving electrical service, water, glycol and air.

Valley Road construction

Pipes for a new sprinkler system were put into place in the ceiling.

Valley Road construction

Also into the rafters went several large beams to help support supply and return lines for glycol, a chemical used in our manufacturing process’s heat exchangers and cooling systems. The lines will transfer glycol back and forth from chilling equipment that will operate on the outside of the building.

Valley Road construction

Equipment to handle clean room air exchanges was installed on the mezzanine.

Valley Road construction

And air duct installation has begun.

Work is also being done on sections of the building’s concrete floor to ensure that it will support the weight of the equipment that will be placed there (tubing extruders are heavy!). Electrical boxes are being installed, new headers for dock doors are being cut into the walls, and the outside of the facility is getting a fresh coat of paint.

If you have questions about our renovation plans, our staff is available. Call us at 215-526-2300 or contact us by e-mail at



More progress is being made at our additional facility in Warrington, PA, just a few miles from our headquarters.

Valley Road construction

Following the construction of support beams and floor joists, mezzanine flooring was installed. A stairway allows for easy access to the upper floor, and protective guard rails ensure that contractors stay safe from falls while they’re working. Trenches were dug in the building’s concrete floor in preparation for plumbing lines and service.

Valley Road construction

It may not look like it now, but this space will house several clean rooms. We’ll be manufacturing AdvantaFlex® TPE tubing and AdvantaSil® silicone tubing and braid reinforced hose at the building, which was purchased last year for the purpose of expanding our manufacturing capabilities. Expansion plans had been in process since 2019 before the right facility – the right size, location and condition – was found.

Valley Road construction

Work is being done outside, too, where foundations for chillers (large pieces of machinery that chill glycol for the clean rooms) are under construction.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit over a year ago and demand for our products increased, it has become even more urgent to make things progress at a steady pace. We’re moving quickly and safely and hope to begin installing manufacturing equipment within a few months.

If you have questions about our renovation plans, our staff is available to address your inquiries and concerns. Call us at 215-526-2300 or contact us by e-mail at





As an Operation Warp Speed (OWS) participant, renovations at both our headquarters in Southampton, PA, and our additional manufacturing site in Warrington, PA, are moving full speed ahead. Demolition phases are completed and construction is underway.

Both buildings will house new clean rooms. The space at Southampton will be used for AdvantaPure® silicone molding and Single-Use tubing assemblies, while Warrington will accommodate the manufacture of silicone tubing and braid reinforced hose, as well as AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical grade TPE tubing.

Valley Road Valley Road

Before we disassembled an old office area at the Warrington facility, we invited the local fire department to tour the building and use the space for drills. The department’s volunteer fire fighters performed several mock rescues and practiced breaking through a cinderblock wall to form an escape route. We were happy to provide this opportunity to the men and women who volunteer to protect our communities.

Valley Road

Support beams for a clean room mezzanine area are now in place at Warrington, and the placement of utility lines will soon begin. Walls, ceilings, and floors will follow.

Valley Road

Our contractors are working quickly yet, of course, safely, and progress is made every day. The teams understand the importance of the products that will be manufactured in these renovated sites as much as we do – COVID-19 vaccines are made in processes that use our tubing and Single-Use assemblies.

If you have questions about our renovation plans or how OWS may affect your orders, our staff is available. Call us at 215-526-2300 or contact us by e-mail at



It’s a fact: The COVID-19 virus has, in one way or another, affected everyone in the world. Even in the few South Pacific island countries with no reported cases, life has changed. Borders are closed and economies are stalled.

NewAge’s role in the battle against this relentless virus has necessitated adjustments regarding how we conduct business. Many team members not involved with manufacturing, packaging, inspecting, and shipping our silicone, TPE, and plastic tubing products are working remotely. Those who are here are, of course, wearing masks, social distancing, embracing extra cleaning procedures, and keeping sanitary conditions top of mind. All team members are periodically tested for the virus, and many are now on waiting lists for vaccination appointments.

We are fully committed to increasing our manufacturing capacities and improving lead times. Plans have been underway since last year and include:

  • Expanding the number of manufacturing clean rooms at our headquarters in Southampton, PA, by renovating warehouse and office space; we’re working with AES Clean Technology, a leader in clean room design and construction and the company that managed our 2018 clean room expansion project
  • Continuing to speed renovations at our additional facility in nearby Warrington, PA, purchased in May 2020; Genesis AEC is administering this large undertaking
  • Ordering manufacturing equipment such as injection molding presses, mills, and extruders well ahead of their anticipated need so that we can move forward with installations and validations as soon as building renovations are completed
  • Hiring additional team members; NewAge has increased its staff by 20% over the past ten months with most new positions in Manufacturing and Assembly, roles dedicated to increasing our product output

now hiring

NewAge is investing $20 million into the two renovation projects and continuing to onboard more employees to fill the new jobs being created.

We are continuing our participation in Operation Warp Speed (OWS), a government mandated program initiated to accelerate the development, manufacture, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Read more about OWS in our January 21, 2021, post below.

If you have questions about how our plans or OWS may affect your orders, our staff is available and ready to help. Call us at 215-526-2200 or contact us by e-mail at



NewAge Industries continues its commitment to advance the battle against COVID-19 and to keep our team members safe and healthy.

What is Operation Warp Speed?
Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is a public-private partnership initiated to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacture, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. OWS was introduced in April 2020 following the U.S. Congress’s allocation of nearly $10 billion for the program through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, with $6.5 billion designated for countermeasure development through BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) and $3 billion for NIH (National Institute of Health) research.

What are our requirements under OWS?
By government mandate, incoming orders received from contracted companies for OWS-related projects, such as those involving vaccine production, are rated as priority and take precedence over all other orders for similar products. This includes orders that may have already been booked, scheduled, and given promised ship dates but are not rated under OWS.

How are we handling non-OWS orders?
Product manufacturing continues for orders not involved with OWS. Team members are working extended hours to keep our extrusion lines running and assembly jobs in process while we remain committed to product quality.

How are we ensuring that our work continues?
Team members continue to take the same precautions they have been following since the pandemic was declared, as well as additional protective measures:

  • Masks are worn and social distancing is practiced
  • Temperatures are checked and health questions are self-administered daily at kiosks
  • On-site COVID-19 testing for all team members, including those participating in telework activities, is conducted regularly
  • Team members self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and are instructed to remain at home if symptoms develop
  • Surface disinfecting and cleaning of common areas is conducted both during the day and at night by custodial staff
  • Wipes and disinfecting solution are placed throughout the building for team members’ use in cleaning their individual work areas
  • Team members also wipe down any public surfaces (kitchen counters, appliances, tables, etc.) after use
  • Frequent hand washing is encouraged, and hand sanitizer can be found throughout the building



To: Our Valued Customers

As the fluidity of this situation moves at break-neck speed, we feel impelled to communicate to you the efforts NewAge Industries has instituted to protect our team members and their uninterrupted efforts to supply you, our valued customers, with the product and services you need to achieve your business goals. NewAge has instituted several temporary policies effective immediately:

  • Suspension of all international travel until further notice
  • Limited all domestic travel to instances of critical need; must be approved by a director of the organization
  • Visitors to our facilities are limited to deliveries of essential supplies and services and meetings of critical need. Visitors coming to NewAge facilities must fill out a questionnaire and submit it three days prior to arrival. Approval will be determined by a company director.
  • Team members are being asked to strongly consider conducting all customer and supplier meetings and training via virtual meeting technologies like Zoom whenever possible
  • NewAge has purchased additional equipment and bandwidth to enable a larger, multi-departmental segment of the team to work remotely should future conditions dictate

Our supply chains continue to report stable conditions for raw materials within their networks. We will continue to conduct frequent, short-term mitigation strategy meetings as this situation changes. We are committed to continue to implement policy changes as needed to protect the health and safety of our team members, while realizing the importance of servicing your critical fluid transfer needs.


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