Hot Process

Brewing beer involves steps in which you’ll need to transfer liquids at both hot and cold temperatures, known as “hot process” and “cold process.” The hot process, where liquids exceed 170°F, requires durable, heat tolerant tubing and hose that can withstand high temperatures without altering flavors.

BrewSavor offers the tools for transferring hot water from the hot liquor vessels for mashing, mash to the lautering vessel and brew kettle and hot wort that’s ultimately cooled down for fermentation. With tubing and hose that can withstand temperatures up to 350°F, we have you covered for every high temperature application in any process.


Highly Flexible, High Temperature Reinforced Hose (Silbrade®)

When you need a flexible, reinforced hose that offers purity with more pressure handling capabilities, and one that can handle temperatures as high as 350°F, this silicone hose is your answer.

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High Temperature Tubing (Silcon®)

For transferring hot beer products between mash vessels, brew kettles and hot liquor tanks, use this silicone tubing that withstands temperatures up to 350°F. There’s no taste or odor migration, and it’s sterilizable and reusable.

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Food Grade Tubing (Suprene®)

TPR (thermoplastic rubber) tubing is well-suited for both low and high temperature uses, and like silicone tubing, it can be sterilized and reused. The product is flexible like latex rubber but handles a much wider temperature range, up to 275°F.

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