Cold Process

Brewing beer involves liquid transfer at both hot and cold temperatures, known as “hot process” and “cold process.” The cold process starts when your liquid’s temperature drops below 170°F. During these stages of brewing, light-duty tubing and hose that doesn’t need to cover a wider temperature range can be used.

The cold process begins at the heat exchanger when your wort is transferred into the fermenters, then finally into conditioning vessels, brite tanks and serving vessels. BrewSavor offers innovative products for these cold process applications, as well as tubing and hose for gas transfer and dispensing from brite tanks and kegs.


Clear, Lightweight Tubing (Clearflo® 70)

This versatile tubing is NSF-51 listed and has no phthalates that can leach out and lead to off-taste. It offers a clear view of products within it and handles gases, liquids and various chemicals.

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Antimicrobial Tubing
(Clearflo® Ag-47)

Antimicrobial technology destroys beer spoilers and bacteria, which means you end up with better-tasting beverages.

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NSF-Listed Hose for Liquid and Gas Transfer (Nylobrade®)

This workhorse of a hose is perfect for applications where pressure is involved, such as CO2 and nitrogen transfer. A wide range of tubing diameters is available for various brewing and dispensing applications. It’s good for cold temperature uses, too, like glycol transfer.

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