Beverage Tubing

There are a variety of options when it comes to tubing and hose for beverage transfer, and finding the best material for your application means you have to consider temperature, pressure, flexibility, the type of transfer liquid and many other factors. And above all, you deserve to have these needs met through high-quality products for pure, consistent flavor. BrewSavor offers beverage tubing and hose in both reinforced and unreinforced styles that are NSF listed, free of phthalates and conform to FDA standards.


Highly Flexible, High Temperature Reinforced Hose (Silbrade®)

When you need a flexible, reinforced hose that offers purity with more pressure handling capabilities, and one that can handle temperatures as high as 350°F, this silicone hose is your answer.

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High Temperature Tubing (Silcon®)

For transferring hot beer products between mash vessels, brew kettles and hot liquor tanks, use this silicone tubing that withstands temperatures up to 350°F. There’s no taste or odor migration, and it’s sterilizable and reusable.

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NSF-51 and NSF-61 Hose for Liquid and Gas Transfer (Nylobrade®)

This workhorse of a hose is perfect for applications where pressure is involved, such as CO2 and nitrogen transfer. A wide range of tubing diameters is available for various brewing and dispensing applications. It’s good for cold temperature uses, too, like glycol transfer.

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Clear, Lightweight Tubing (Clearflo® 70)

This versatile tubing is NSF-51 listed and has no phthalates that can leach out and lead to off-taste. It offers a clear view of products within it and handles gases, liquids and various chemicals.

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Antimicrobial Tubing
(Clearflo® Ag-47)

Antimicrobial technology destroys beer spoilers and bacteria, which means you end up with better-tasting beverages.

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Food Grade Tubing (Suprene®)

TPR (thermoplastic rubber) tubing is well-suited for both low and high temperature uses, and like silicone tubing, it can be sterilized and reused. The product is flexible like latex rubber but handles a much wider temperature range, up to 275°F.

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