About Us

BrewSavor is a top provider of innovative fluid transfer products serving novice and experienced brewers, beer enthusiasts and business owners alike searching for high-quality solutions for their craft brewing, home brewing and beverage dispensing needs. We set high standards for our products and our service team, but we make it easy for our customers, offering a hassle-free way to find professional food grade tubing, hose, fittings and clamps for any brewing or beverage dispensing application. Our suite of solutions doesn’t compromise taste for technology. We draw on decades of experience developing fluid transfer assemblies for the pharmaceutical industry to create time-tested products that promote smooth flow while maintaining the aroma and flavor of all tasty concoctions.

A suite of advanced, high-quality products that maintain flavor and promote smooth flow

A team of talented engineers designing innovative solutions for brewing and dispensing

A company that stands as your partner and expert advisor in brewing best practices


Discover the history of NewAge Industries and BrewSavor.

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Why BrewSavor

Why is BrewSavor the best choice for all your brewing and dispensing needs?

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Community & Sustainability

Our sustainability practices are always evolving, but our commitment to the environment and the communities we impact remains strong.

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Guiding Principles

These values are central to our company’s success and the work that we do.

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As a 100% employee owned brand, we offer an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

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We Are a B Corp™

Certified B Corporations™ focus on their employees, environment and community as they balance their purpose and profits.

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